Show rundown for 2/12/2004

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S. Korea Scientists Extract Embryonic Stem Cells

Scientists in South Korea say they have cloned human embryos and that they have extracted embryonic stem cells. What does this mean for medical research and the future of cloning?

Justice Department Demands Abortion Information

Lawyers for the Justice Department are seeking records from at least six hospitals about the hospitals’ certain abortion procedures. The lawyers say they are doing so to comply with a new law that prohibits procedures known as "intact dilation and extraction."

College HIV Outbreak Discovered

A new, faster testing method for HIV uncovers the first documented outbreak of HIV in a college community.

General Survives Iraq Attack

Insurgents attacked an Iraqi civil defense outpost today. U.S. General John Abizaid, commander of all U.S. forces in Iraq, escaped injury.

U.S. Military Concerns

Retired Army Colonel Bob Killebrew says the U.S. is in a constant state of warfare and says the country’s military resources are stretched thin.

Gay Marriage Showdown Continues

Lawmakers continue their showdown over the issue of gay marriage.

Comcast Bids on Mickey Mouse

It started as a cable franchise in Mississippi in the 60’s. Now it’s a cable giant and it’s making a bid to take over Disney.

Chat Room Art

Is there any art to be found in chat rooms? An exhibit at MIT provides an answer.

This program aired on February 12, 2004.


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