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CIA Seeks Changes on Intelligence Procedures

Senior U.S. intelligence officers say they were not told that some of the information about Iraq’s WMD program came from Iraqi defectors who were promoting a U.S. invasion. As a result, the CIA is changing procedures on intelligence.

Transportation Bill Fight

The U.S. Senate approves a transportation bill. The bill has provoked an election year fight between some Republican lawmakers and the White House.

MA Gay Marriage Battle Ends with No Vote

Massachusetts lawmakers end their debate in a stalemate, and San Francisco issues marriage licenses to gay couples.

Dynasty’s End

We speak to the author of a new book, "Dynasty’s End: Bill Russell and the 1968-1969 World Champion Boston Celtics."

Editorial Panel 02/13/04

Our two guest editors weigh on the mudslinging that appears to be underway in the presidential election.

Letters 02/13/04

Listeners give us a little motivation.

The Dreamers

We review the new Bertolucci film about Paris in 1968 and talk to a historian about what really happened.

This program aired on February 13, 2004.

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