Show rundown for 2/17/2004

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Halliburton Withholds Billing before Hearings

As a Senate panel prepares for hearings on Halliburton’s contracts with Iraq, the company has agreed to withhold billing on an additional $140 million in food services.

Election Delays in Iraq, Afghanistan

American officials have hinted that Afghanistan and Iraq may not be able to hold elections this summer as originally planned.

Electronic Mapping

An invisible digital map now covers the world like a cloak and it could profoundly affect our day to day lives.

Breast Cancer and Antibiotics

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that woman who used more than 25 prescriptions over the course of 17 years are twice as likely to get breast cancer.

New Mad Cow Strain Discovered

Italian scientists have found a second form of mad cow disease.

Wood Shortage

We have a report of a firewood shortage in New Hampshire.

Antonin Dvorak

We mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Antonin Dvorak.

This program aired on February 17, 2004.

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