Show rundown for 3/4/2004

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Iraqis Call For Sunni-Shiite Unity

Fourteen Iraqis are under arrest, suspected of leading a Sunni terrorist cell. Meantime, around 1,000 people rally in a Ramadi, west of Baghdad, calling for national unity between Sunni and Shiite.

Abu Ghraib Prison

A journalist in Iraq talks about the Abu Ghraib prison, controversial under Saddam Hussein and today.

Lesbian Couple Custody Case

The Massachusetts High Court hears a case today about child support. The case involves a lesbian couple who split up before the birth of the child.

Finding Ali

A Reuters reporter discusses their experiences reporting on a 12-year-old Iraqi boy named Ali Abbas who lost his family and was severely wounded during the U.S. bombing of Baghdad.

Steroids in Basketball

A look at the use of steroids in professional baseball.

Wyoming Elk Deaths

Biologists are trying to find what is causing the deaths of elk in Wyoming

Letters 03/04/04

We hear from you.

Ugandan Jewish Music

Share in the musical traditions of Abayudaya people of Uganda.

This program aired on March 4, 2004.


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