Show rundown for 3/5/2004

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At the Pump

Gas prices are up. Are they going up more? We look at what is happening at the pump and beyond.

Poll Shows Bush, Kerry in Dead Heat

President Bush and Senator John Kerry are tied in a new poll out today. Ralph Nader, running as an Independent, was at 6 percent in the Associated Press poll.

Bush Meets Fox on Immigrant Issues

Mexico's President Vicente Fox visits President Bush in Texas today. On the agenda: Bush's proposal to give temporary visas to illegal immigrants.

The Price of Loyalty

Inside the Bush White House with Ron Suskind, author of "The Price of Loyalty."

Political Humor

One of the questions being asked at a weekend conference in political humor is: who is funnier, the left or the right?

Sunni and Shiite Unity

Rev. Canon Andrew White, the Anglican Church's envoy to the Middle East, talks about efforts to bring Shiite and Sunnis together in Iraq.


We review the film and ask, "did this grand horse race ever take place?"

This program aired on March 5, 2004.


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