Show rundown for 3/12/2004

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Spain Holds Vigils After Attacks

Spaniards hold vigils across their country Friday to remember the nearly 200 people killed in Thursday's bombings in Madrid.

Putin Evident in Russia Elections

President Vladimir Putin is up for re-election in Russia with little opposition.

Canadian Drug Imports

The movement to import cheaper drugs from Canada got a big boost yesterday when Republican Senator Trent Lott said he supported the idea.

Bush and Kerry, Skull and Bones

A peek inside the super secret society at Yale University which has two of its members, George Bush and John Kerry, running for President.

Election Check-In

We check in the run for the White House.

Farmer Denied Mad Cow Testing

We speak to a small cattle farmer who wants to test his herd for Mad Cow. The federal government will not let him

"Secret Window"

We review the new film starring Johnny Depp.

Other Religious Films

In light of the huge popularity of "The Passion of the Christ," we speak to film critic Ty Burr about his list of imaginary films about some of the world's religions.

This program aired on March 12, 2004.

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