Show rundown for 3/16/2004

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Pakistan Troops Clash at Border

Pakistani troops clash with tribesmen near the border with Afghanistan. The tribesmen belong to a clan that has been accused of protecting Taliban and Al Qaeda suspects.

Spain Officials Investigate Moroccan Militants

Investigators in Spain are looking into a handful of Moroccan-born Islamic militants who may have been involved in last week's bombings.

Greece Concerned Over Olympic Security

A look at security issues in Greece in anticipation of the Summer Olympics.

House Approves Private Space Flight

The House of Representatives passes an act to encourage space flight by private firms.

Jobs and Big Government

Congressman Barney Frank says what's needed to create jobs in this economy is big government.

Outsourcing Benefits

We speak to a worker in India who has found a job with an American company.


Non-believers say it's time that people heard them.


A new play about the clergy sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in Boston opens at a Chicago theater.

This program aired on March 16, 2004.


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