Show rundown for 3/17/2004

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Homeland Security Status

Is the Department of Homeland Security responding to its mandate to keep the United States safe from a terrorist attack?

Israel Reviews Unsolved Bomb Cases

An 11-year-old Palestinian boy caught carrying explosives in his backpack prompts Israel to review unsolved suicide bombing cases.

Iraq Coalition Launches Insurgent Offensive

Coalition forces launch an offensive targeting insurgents in Iraq. WBUR reporter Michael Goldfarb reports from Iraq.

Safety for Foreign Civilians in Iraq

We speak to a worker with a Christian aid group in Iraq about safety issues.

EPA Mercury Standards Scandal

The Los Angeles Times reports that political appointees within the EPA bypassed professional staff and an advisory panel when it wrote up a rule on mercury emissions that industry and the White House supported.

American Unions Seek China Sanctions

American labor unions say China's repression of worker rights gives that country an unfair competitive advantage.

Potential Drop Outs Get Warning

Chicago officials want students to sign a waiver which tells them that they understand that dropping out of school could lead to unemployment and a life of low wages.

The Real Ireland

We speak to a writer who discovers the real Ireland as he travels around the country by donkey cart.

Beer, Beer, Beer

We speak to the brewmaster of one of Ireland's most famous products: Guinness.

This program aired on March 17, 2004.

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