Show rundown for 3/18/2004

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Medicare Reform Cost Confusion

Congress says Medicare reform would cost $400 billion over the next ten years, but Medicare's chief actuary says $500 billion.

Iraq Security Questioned Following Two Attacks

We look at the security situation in Baghdad and Basra following hotel blasts in both cities.

EU Security Meeting in Brussels

European interior ministers meet in Brussels tomorrow to reassess security precautions; as a terrorist group says Japan, Italy, Britain and Australia may be next on the terrorist lists.

One Year in Iraq

Richard Perle of the Defense Policy Board and Joseph Nye of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard discuss the war in Iraq.

Jim DeMint on Jobs

South Carolina Republican Congressman Jim DeMint responds to Representative Barney Frank, who spoke earlier this week on our program about the need to create more public sector jobs.

Letters 03/18/04

Listeners respond.

When the Music Stopped

Professor Tom Cottle of Boston University talks about his new book about his mother, a concert pianist who gave up her career for motherhood.

This program aired on March 18, 2004.


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