Show rundown for 3/23/2004

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9/11 Hearings Underway

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States questions top Bush and Clinton administration officials about the terrorist attacks in the U.S.

Terry Nichols on Trial for Life

A report from Oklahoma City where the Terry Nichols trial is underway.

The Future of Hamas

Hamas directly threatens the United States for the first time as Israel says it plans to eradicate the entire Hamas leadership.

Morocco and Muslim Fundamentalism

Newsweek reporter Christopher Dickey talks about Muslim fundamentalism in Morocco.

AIDS Drug Protest

A 400% increase in the price of an AIDS drug has doctors organizing an unprecedented protest, while the drug maker says that financially it has no choice.

Human-Animal Virus Transfer

Scientists from John Hopkins University suggest that the transmission of viruses from animals to humans may be more common than once thought.

Sol y Canto

Music critic Jose Masso offers his review of a Latin CD targeted for children but suitable for adults.

This program aired on March 23, 2004.


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