Show rundown for 3/26/2004

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9/11 Commission Aftermath

Should Condoleezza Rice testify under oath before the 9/11 Commission? What does Richard Clarke's testimony mean for the Bush White House?

Gas Prices Surge

A look at why they are going up, and what economic outcome the rise will have.

Explosion on Interstate 95

Connecticut's Governor John Rowland has declared a state of emergency after a fiery tanker truck crash melted a bridge and shut down a mile long stretch of Interstate 95.

Palestinian Boy

We speak to a neighbor of a 16-year-old who attempted a suicide bombing.

The Best Editorial Cartoons

What a year it was for editorial cartoonists.

Shattered Glass

Charles Lane talks about Stephen Glass, the Washington Post journalist who's the subject of the film "Shattered Glass."

Lady Killers

A review of the new film, Lady Killers, starring Tom Hanks

This program aired on March 26, 2004.


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