Show rundown for 3/29/2004

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Rice Refuses Public Hearing

Condoleezza Rice says she will not testify before the 9/11 Commission where she would be questioned about the government's failure to prevent the terrorist attacks.

Arab League Summit Collapses

A summit of Arab League members collapses. We look at some of the topics the group was supposed to address and why the summit collapsed.

Sharon Bribery Scandal

A prosecutor in Israel recommends that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his son should be indicted for taking bribes. Sharon, meantime, says he will seek Cabinet approval of a plan to withdraw Israeli troops and settlers from much of the Gaza Strip.

Tyco Trial Suffers Jury Snag

"Poisonous" and "irreparably compromised." These are just two descriptions of the deliberations from jurors in the Tyco trial.

Mass. Lawmakers Reconvene on Gay Marriage

Advocates and opponents of gay marriage are once again turning their eyes toward Massachusetts.

Highway Security

In light of an accident that last week that shutdown part of I-95 in Connecticut, we look at the issue of highway security in the age of terrorism.

Olympics Readiness

Will Athens be ready for the Summer Olympics?

Literature of the Misanthrope

We look at literature of the misanthrope.

This program aired on March 29, 2004.


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