Show rundown for 4/6/2004

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Shiite Cleric Al Sadr Moves to Najaf

The anti-American Shiite cleric Moqtada Al Sadr has moved to the city of Najaf. U.S. officials have suggested they will soon move to arrest Al Sadr, who has built up a private militia.

Marines Killed in Fallujah Violence

U.S. troops battled guerrillas on the edges of Fallujah, one of Iraq's most violent cities, in an attempt to crush a Sunni insurgency.

Politics of Iraq

David Gergin talks about presidential polls, Iraq, the 9/11 Commission and more.

TV Viewing and Children

A new report says that young children do not benefit from watching television.

Acid Reflux

You call it heart burn; your doctor calls it gerd. It can have serious consequences.

Sharon Claims Arafat Pledge is Void

Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he no longer feels the need to honor a commitment to President Bush not to harm Yasser Arafat.

Toledo Blade Wins Pulitzer

A small paper in Ohio wins a Pulitzer for its story about an elite American military unit and the atrocities it committed in Vietnam.

Visas and Work

Companies that count on bringing seasonal workers in from overseas say there aren't enough visas available.


Meet and listen to a gospel group from New York City.

This program aired on April 6, 2004.


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