Show rundown for 4/7/2004

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War Rages in Iraq

Fighting is fierce in Fallujah. Marines are fighting to control Ramadi. Shiite militiamen have driven coalition forces from Kut.

Photo Captures Grim Reality of War

A photo appears on the front page of some newspapers of an American Marine carrying a dead comrade in a body bag.

Sunni-Shiite Unity Issues

Has the occupation of Iraq resulted in bringing Sunni and Shiite together?

Faith's Journey

We talk with author Karen Armstrong about her new book, "The Spiral Staircase."

Troop Movements

We look at what the increase in violence in Iraq might mean for U.S. troop deployment.

Arab News Sources React

What are the Arab-language papers in Iraq saying about the insurgency?

Saffron over Opium

Afghan farmers are encouraged to produce saffron instead of opium.

Neil LaBute

Playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute talks about his play "The Mercy Seat."

This program aired on April 7, 2004.


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