Show rundown for 4/19/2004

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Zapatero to Pull Spanish Troops

Spain's Premier Jose Zapatero says he will pull his nation's soldiers serving in Iraq.

Outrage Follows Hamas Leader Killing

Hamas vowed revenge after Israel killed their leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi.

U.N. Officials Die in Kosovo Shooting

Weekend shootings in Kosovo have left two U.N. officials dead and several injured.

Hot Boston Marathon

Officials take extra care at the 108th Boston Marathon as temperatures are approaching 80 degrees.

Reading Their Lips

We speak to a woman who worked as an FBI special assistant teaching and helping agents to read lips.

DC Roundtable 04/19/04

Members of our Washington, DC panel talk about the buzz surrounding Bob Woodward's new book and Sept. 11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick.

Sudanese Marathon Runner

We meet a Sudanese man who is running the Boston Marathon to raise money so he can go to school.

"Patriots Day"

A new PBS documentary called "Patriot's Day" looks at the American Revolution through the eyes of re-enactors.

This program aired on April 19, 2004.


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