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Jordan Delays Washington Visit

Jordan's king delays a scheduled meeting in Washington with President Bush. Jordanian officials say it is because President Bush support for Israel's territorial claims in the West Bank.

Israel to Invest Millions in West Bank Settlements

Former prime minister and current Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will invest millions of dollars into settlements remaining in the West Bank.

Woodward Fallout

We speak about Bob Woodward's claim that $700 million was diverted from the war in Afghanistan to Iraq, before Congress ever approved the use of force in Iraq.

Genes in Chicken Litter

Antibiotic resistant genes in chicken litter may have implications for the use of antibiotics in agriculture and in people.

Greenspan to Speak on Economy

Will he or won't he raise interest rates for the first time in four years? Fed chairman Alan Greenspan is scheduled to speak this afternoon.

High Court Hears Guantanamo Appeals

The Supreme Court hears arguments in a case about whether the Bush administration can hold foreign prisoners in Cuba.

Wrongful Convictions

The University of Michigan looks at the hundreds of exonerations that have resulted since 1989. Almost all the exonerations involved murder and rape cases and the study authors wonder how many innocent people have been convicted of less serious crimes.

Honky Tonk

Henry Horenstein captures the world of country music in photographs.

This program aired on April 20, 2004.

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