Show rundown for 4/22/2004

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Thousands Feared Dead in N. Korea Crash

North Korean officials declared a state of emergency after two trains carrying fuel collided and exploded. Thousands are feared killed.

Visitor Struggle

Travel restrictions and increased scrutiny in the U.S. have kept the number of overseas visitors away.

North Korea's Leader Visits China

We have a report on Kim Jong II's visit to Beijing.

China's Aging Population

As China heads toward a surge in its population of elderly, we explore the implications it could have for China and the world.

The Question of the Draft

This week Republican Senator Charles Hagel said the U.S. might have to consider a military draft.

Letters 4/22/04

Why do we do these segments? Because we want to hear from you!

William Shakespeare's 440th

We celebrate William Shakespeare's 440th birthday.

Mary McGrory

We remember columnist Mary McGrory who died last night at the age of 85.

This program aired on April 22, 2004.


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