Show rundown for 4/26/2004

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Fallujah Firefight Leaves 10 Wounded

Ten Marines were injured in a fierce firefight in Fallujah, Iraq. A Marine commander said that soldiers in the region were heavily outnumbered.

Google Set to Go Public

Google is tapping Credit Suisse First Boston and Morgan Stanley to lead a public offering. If all goes according to plan, the IPO could be one of the biggest ever.

Romney to Ban Non-MA Resident Gay Marriage

Massachusetts' Governor Mitt Romney plans to bar out-of-state gay couples from marrying.

Iraqi Detainees

The U.N. envoy to Iraq says detainees are being held unfairly. We talk to a reporter who toured a detention center.

DC Panel 4/26/04

Members of our DC panel discuss the women's march, Karl Rove on Woodward's book, Bush polls, and Kerry's medals.

Pizza-Making All Star

The winner of the World Championship pizza making contest.

The Bronte Sisters

The myth of the Bronte sisters:Charlotte, Emily and Ann.

This program aired on April 26, 2004.


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