Show rundown for 4/27/2004

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High Court Hears Cheney Energy Case

The Supreme Court hears arguments today on whether Vice President Cheney should have to reveal the workings of his energy task force.

Al Qaeda Confessions

Jordanian television aired confessions from Al Qaeda militants claiming they planned to launch chemical attacks.

Iraqi Government Readiness

There are nine weeks to go before the U.S. hands over sovereignty to the Iraqi Governing Council.

Iraqi Detainees

A U.N. envoy raises questions about the detention of thousands of Iraqis saying they haven't had proper hearings. We ask a Coalition Provisional Authority member about the rules of detention in Iraq.

Nuclear Security Hearings

Congressional leaders will hear efforts on improving security at nuclear plants.

Bush Tech Plans

We discuss President Bush's plans to boost technology innovation.

Spector-Toomey Race

Voters in Pennsylvania head to the polls to cast their ballots in a close Senate race.

Olympic Stadium Deadline Looms

Tomorrow's the deadline for officials in Athens to build a roof at one of the Olympic stadiums. We'll see how construction efforts are going.

Bill Frissell

The jazz guitar great talks about his latest work.

This program aired on April 27, 2004.

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