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White House Seeks Additional $25 Billion for Wars

The Bush administration asks Congress for an additional $25 billion for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld Faces Trouble Over Prison Abuses

President Bush chastises Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for not informing him of photos of prisoner abuse until after the photos aired on television. Also, the International Red Cross says it advised U.S. authorities to "take corrective action" for months.

Arabs React to Bush Appearance

Reaction mounts to President Bush's attempts to explain the Abu Ghraib scandal to the Arab world.

Greenspan Warns on Deficit

Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan gives his strongest warning yet about the federal budget deficit.

King Abdullah Visits Washington

King Abdullah of Jordan visits Washington.

Diplomatic Statement to President Bush

This week, some former U.S. diplomats sent a letter of protest to President Bush about his Middle East policy.

Letters 05/06/2004

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Prince George County to Evict Bonnie Bick

Bonnie Bick has been fighting a developer's plans to put a 500 acre resort next to her house on the banks of the Potomac River. Now, Prince George County announces plans to condemn her home and tear it down.

Vienna Tang

She's a singer and a pianist and her music is hard to categorize.

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