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U.S. Releases 300 Abu Ghraib Detainees

U.S. forces freed some Iraqis from the prison at the heart of the abuse scandal.

The Rise of Zarqawi

We'll talk about the rise of terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Brown v. Board of Education

We meet the man who argued Brown v. Board of Education fifty years ago.

Judge Robert Carter

We meet the man who argued Brown v. Board of Education 50 years ago.

Presidential Campaign in the Back Seat

We check in on a major news story that has taken a back seat these days: the Presidential campaign.

Mexican UFOs

The Mexico military releases photos of alleged UFOs.

Kevin Kline

Actor Kevin Kline talks about his Tony nomination for his role as Falstaff in Shakespeare's "Henry IV."

Coffee and Cigarettes

We review Jim Jarmusch's new film "Coffee and Cigarettes."

This program aired on May 14, 2004.

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