Show rundown for 5/20/2004

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Forces Raid Chalabi's Home

U.S. soldiers and Iraqi police raid the home of Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi.

U.N. Condemns Rafah Attacks

The U.N. Security Council condemns Israel's demolition of homes in Gaza and the deaths of 10 Palestinians. The U.S. abstains from the vote.

Arab Team Wins Israeli Soccer League

A soccer team from an Arab town in northern Israel wins the state cup, the first time an Arab- dominated team has won in the Israeli's league since 1948.


We speak to a woman who developed procurement policy for the federal government about the need for greater oversight of private companies doing contract work.

Anthony Cordesman on Iraq

We speak to military analyst Anthony Cordesman about the war in Iraq. He blames "a small group of neo-conservatives" for mishandling the war; just as, he says, a small group of neo-liberals did 40 years in Vietnam.

Letters 5/20/04

Listeners react to our coverage of the news.


We visit an obsessive-compulsive art exhibit.

Gay Marriage and Lesbians

Why did more lesbian couples than gay male couples request marriage applications in Massachusetts?

Spring Storm

We speak to the director of the newly discovered play by Tennessee Williams, "Spring Storm."

This program aired on May 20, 2004.


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