Show rundown for 5/24/2004

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Blast Near Iraq Coalition HQ

An explosion destroyed a car with armor plating near an entrance to the headquarters of the U.S.-led coalition, killing four people.

Homeland Security Proposes Virtual Border

New York Times reporter Eric Lichtblau talks about a virtual border proposed by Department of Homeland Security.

Atomic Bomb from Scratch

At a U.S. senator's request, a group of scientists build an atomic bomb with materials they legally purchased on the open market.

Farm School

A class from a Massachusetts elementary school sees what life used to be like when they spend a few days at a farm.

Bush to Outline Iraq Plans

President Bush is expected to outline his plans for the future of Iraq during a speech tonight.

Sea Island

Security officials are trained in ways to protect sea life as G8 summiteers meet on Sea Island, off the coast of Georgia.

Donna Leon

Mystery writer and opera lover.

This program aired on May 24, 2004.

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