Show rundown for 5/26/2004

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Terrorist Threats to the U.S.

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says new information indicates terrorists could strike the U.S. this summer.

Security Report Says Al Qaeda Recruiting

According to a report by the International Institute of Strategic Studies, Al Qaeda is still an effective and recruiting organization; the study estimates there are potentially 18,000 jihadists worldwide.

Mahdi Army Negotiations

The Coalition Provisional Authority is negotiating with the Mahdi militia in Iraq. The CPA is hoping to turn it into a political organization.

Kissinger Transcripts Released

Transcripts of telephone conversations, recorded by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger while serving in the Nixon White House, become public.

Chicago Cardinal Refuses Communion to Gay Members

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has told priests in the archdiocese to deny Communion to gay members, some of whom wear rainbow sashes to protest the Catholic Church's position on homosexuality.

The Bride's Stunt Woman

We speak to the woman who was Uma Thurman's stunt double in "Kill Bill."

Prions in Sheep

Prions, which are proteins that are believes to cause Mad Cow disease, are found in sheep leg muscles.

Mimi Sheraton

A life of dining out: we talk with former New York Times restaurant critic, Mimi Sheraton.

This program aired on May 26, 2004.


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