Show rundown for 6/2/2004

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New Allegations Swirl Around Chalabi

The man who helped convince the U.S. to overthrow Saddam Hussein reportedly told Iran that the U.S. had cracked Iran's intelligence communications code.

Middle East Democratic Vision

Can American style democracy be exported to the Middle East? We talk about President George Bush's vision of democracy in Iraq and beyond.

Budget Cuts for Domestic Agencies

In the middle of a campaign full of promises of funding, the Bush administration is telling domestic federal agencies to prepare for big spending cuts.

The Power of the Latino Vote

Our guest, Jorge Ramos, talks about how Latino voters will elect the next American president.

Cosby Controversy

We look at the debate over Bill Cosby's comments about African-Americans.

Nauru Bankrupt

An island in the South Pacific is bankrupt and General Electric is calling in its loan.

Swan Lake Vision

We speak to choreographer Christopher Wheeldon about his vision of "Swan Lake."

A Very Gorey Dance

A choreographer has found inspiration in the illustrations of Edward Gorey.

This program aired on June 2, 2004.


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