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Saddam Trial Threatened

Fear and lack of evidence threaten to derail the trial of Saddam Hussein.

U.N. Iraq Debate Continues

The debate continues at the UN over a new resolution in Iraq.

Legal Torture

A Pentagon memo citing the President was not bound under law in prohibiting torture.

Reagan and Bush

Comparisons between President Ronald Reagan and President George W. Bush.

Computer Toxins

A new study shows that the dust on personal computers contains PBDE's and could lead to reproductive disorders.

CT Governor Faces Public Hearing on Possible Impeachment

Public hearings begin today in Connecticut on whether Governor John Roland should be impeached.

RI Accent Reduction

A visit to the "Great Rhode Island Accent Reduction Project."

Summer Reading 2004

Literature critic Steve Almond makes "books of summer" recommendations.

This program aired on June 8, 2004.