Show rundown for 6/9/2004

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Summit by the Sea

We check in on the G8 summit in Georgia.

Kurds Pullout Threat

The Kurds say they won't participate in the central government in Iraq unless they receive guarantees against Shiite plans for limited Kurdish self-rule.

Ashcroft Under Fire Over Legal Memos

At a Senate Judiciary Hearing, lawmakers question Attorney General John Ashcroft about memos that some suggest could have laid the groundwork for the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison.

A Conversation with EJ Dionne

The syndicated columnist talks about his new book.

Boston Police Picket Convention Site

Police in Boston set up a picket line outside the site of this summer's Democratic Convention, in an attempt to highlight labor disputes with City Hall.

Big Apple Labor Unrest

Home health-care and day-care workers strike in NYC; and yesterday teachers, police and firefighters rallied.

Reagan Funeral Security

We examine the security measures in place for former President Reagan's funeral.

Inside the "Control Room"

We take a look at a film that goes inside Al-Jazeera.

This program aired on June 9, 2004.

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