Show rundown for 6/14/2004

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Iraq Security Concerns

There have been 17 car bombs in Iraq this month. We look at the issue of security, two weeks before formal handover of control.

Saudi Officials Seek Missing American

Saudi officials are looking for Paul Johnson, an American who appears to have been kidnapped by militants.

Terrorist Report

How did the U.S. get its statistics wrong on a report indicating a decrease in terrorist attacks?


We speak to the director of the documentary film, "Juvies."

Iran Next

Is Iran the next nuclear power?

Clinton Portraits Unveiled

Portraits of former President Bill Clinton and Hilary Rodham Clinton are unveiled at the White House.

NBA Playoffs

We have an update of the NBA playoffs.

The Stepford Wives

We review the updated version of the '70s classic.

This program aired on June 14, 2004.


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