Show rundown for 6/16/2004

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9/11 Commission Examines Al Qaeda

The Commission investigating the terrorist attacks looks at the Al Qaeda network.

Bamford on the 9/11 Hearings

We speak to James Bamford, author of "A Pretext for War," about today's hearings and Bin Laden's terrorist network.

9/11 Planning

We speak to Washington Post report Dan Eggan who reports on the planning into the terrorist attacks. One of the terrorists asked to delay the attack planned for the spring of 2001 saying he wasn't ready yet.

Mulatto America

We speak to the author of the book "Mulatto America," which looks at the convergence of white and black America.

Iraqi Oil Attacked

Saboteurs blow up a southern pipeline in Iraq for the second time in two days.

Westerner in Saudi Arabia

We check in with a westerner living in Saudi Arabia.

Pistons Win NBA Title

The Detroit Pistons defeat the Lakers.

Father Joe

Tony Hendra, better known for his role in National Lampoon and other satirical undertakings, writes a book about his friendship with a Catholic monk.

This program aired on June 16, 2004.

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