Show rundown for 6/30/2004

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Powell Visits Sudan

Sec. of State Colin Powell visits Sudan, where Arab militias backed by the Sudanese government have driven thousands of people from their homes.

The Impact of the Interest Rate

If the interest rate increases, what will it mean to consumers with mortgages and credit card debt?

Prescribing Drugs

Federal authorities are investigating major drug firms for allegedly paying doctors huge bonuses for prescribing certain medications.

A Thousand Sighs

We speak to the author of "A Thousand Sighs; A Thousand Revolts: Journeys in Kurdistan."

Ron Reagan Speaks

Ron Reagan remembers his late father and reflects on father's legacy and politics, President Bush, and modern day politics.

Natural Beef

Chef, author, and food-lover Kathy Gunst visits a natural beef farm in Maine.

Pops Star

A woman who drives a bus by day proves she can carry a tune and really belt it out; she wins a chance to perform with the Boston Pops this July 4th.

This program aired on June 30, 2004.


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