Show rundown for 7/7/2004

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Kerry, Edwards Launch Campaign

John Kerry and John Edwards headed out on the campaign trail Wednesday for the first time as running mates.

New Hampshire's Swing

Voters in this first primary state saw lots of John Kerry and John Edwards back in January. How will a Kerry-Edwards ticket sell in this swing state?

Iraq Government Announces Emergency Powers

Iraq's government gives its prime minister the right to impose martial law.

"SARS Doctor" Detained in China

The doctor who exposed the SARS crisis in China is being detained and reportedly brainwashed.

AIDS Report Cites Qualified Labor Problems

A new report says money and drugs are not the biggest obstacles in fighting AIDS. Qualified healthcare workers are needed.

AIDS in Indonesia

Ahead of this weekend's AIDS summit in Thailand, we look at the difficulties in fighting AIDS in Indonesia.

Pow Wow

A sound piece from a pow wow in North Carolina.

Diocese Declares Bankruptcy

The catholic diocese declares bankruptcy.

The Coma

We speak to novelist Alex Garland.

This program aired on July 7, 2004.


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