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Chechnya President Survives Assassination Attempt

Sergei Abramov was unhurt when a bomb exploded as his motorcade passed through a neighborhood where clashes between Chechen rebels and government forces are common.

Gay Marriage, Legislative and Judicial

From the U.S. Senate to a court in Massachusetts, the topic is gay marriage.

Cholesterol Recommendations

New recommendations for lowering bad cholesterol.

Health Care at the DNC

Will the healthcare system in Massachusetts be ready?

Afghan Officials Detain American Vigilante Suspect

Jonathan Keith Idema is a former Green Beret who set up his own jail in Kabul. Now he's being held by Afghan authorities.

Journalism in Russia

We look at the hazards of covering Russia for reporters.

Honky Tonk

Henry Horenstein captures the world of country music in photographs.

This program aired on July 13, 2004.