Show rundown for 7/14/2004

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Butler Report: Pre-War Intel "Seriously Flawed"

An inquiry into the quality of British intelligence leading up to the war in Iraq found that some sources for information were 'seriously flawed."

Bomb Detonates Near Iraq's British Embassy

It was the deadliest attack in the capital since Iraq's interim government took over on June 28th.

Philippines Announces Removal of Iraq Troops

As a Filipino is held hostage in Iraq, the government of the Philippines announces it is pulling its troops out of Iraq ahead of schedule.

E-Gaming Degree

Champlain College in Vermont offers a degree in e-gaming and it combines game-design study study with psychology.

Cycle Score

A project at MIT tries to combine exercise equipment with video games.

DNC Protests

People planning to demonstrate at this summer's conventions are in the final stages of preparation.

Pelvic Exams

Health columnist Judy Foreman talks about the practice of having medical students give women patient's pelvic examinations.

AIDS Conference

We check in on the AIDS conference in Bangkok.

On the Down Low

We speak to J.L. King, author of a book about the "down low," when straight, black men have sexual encounters with other men.

This program aired on July 14, 2004.


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