Show rundown for 7/20/2004

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Housing Sector Down

Housing construction in June falls to its lowest level in a year.

Honor Killings in Iraq

We hear about the rise of "honor killings" in Iraq from Time magazine's Vivienne Walt.

Boston Police, Officials Fight over Contract

Days ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, city police and city officials still squabble over contract language.


A reporter talks about Waziristan, a remote part of Pakistan, where Pakistani officials are searching for Taliban fighters and possibly Osama bin Laden.

Alzheimer's Cases Increase

The number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease skyrockets.

Kennewick Man

A legal battle over a 9,000 year old skeleton discovered in Washington State is coming to an end.

Hawking to Speak in Dublin

Physicist Stephen Hawking is scheduled to speak tomorrow in Dublin. Will he shoot holes in his three-decades-old black hole theory?

Hidden Life of Nuns

We speak to the author of "Unveiled: The Hidden Lives of Nuns."

This program aired on July 20, 2004.


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