Show rundown for 7/29/200433:33

This article is more than 16 years old.

Kerry Prepares for Convention Speech

Democratic operative James Carville and reporter David Nyhan discuss Kerry's appearance this evening at the Democratic National Convention.

Iraq Conference Cancelled

A national conference is cancelled in Iraq.

Ann Richards on the Presidential Race

The former governor of Texas joins us for her assessment of the presidential race.

Delegates Look Forward

Delegates look ahead to the presidential race.

Kerry Analysis

We speak with LA Times correspondent Ron Brownstein.

Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia

Senator Robert Byrd on how West Virginians will respond to Kerry.

Cartoonists and John Kerry

An editorial cartoonist find nirvana in John Kerry.

The Daily Show at the DNC

Jon Stewart's comedy program interprets the Democratic National Convention.

This program aired on July 29, 2004.