Show rundown for 8/2/2004

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Targeted Companies Open Under Heavy Security

Financial institutions identified as targets of a terrorist plot in three cities opened for business Monday under tight security.

Bush Responds to Security Director Call

On the heels of the September 11th Commission report, President Bush is expected to respond to the commission's call to create the post of National Intelligence Director.

Response to Terror Alert

We look at how the financial markets are responding to the terror alert.

Safety in Arthritis Drugs

Our medical correspondent, Judith Foreman, looks at new studies dealing with the safety of arthritis drugs, including Vioxx--which has been linked to an increase in heart disease.

The Convention and Kerry

Our Washington roundtable looks at the latest polls showing that the convention didn't boost John Kerry's popularity.

Surname Increase

A new study shows that an increasing number of women are opting to take their husband's surnames when they marry.

Garden State

The 28-year old star of the TV show "Scrubs" wrote, directed and stars in his first feature film, a dark comedy, called "Garden State."

This program aired on August 2, 2004.

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