Show rundown for 8/9/2004

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Once a Favorite of the U.S., Adviser Now Wanted by Iraqi Government

The head of the tribunal trying Saddam Hussein is wanted in Iraq accused of involvement in a June murder.

Illinois Republicans Pit Keyes Against Obama

Republicans in Illinois find a candidate to run in the Senate race against Barak Obama: former presidential candidate and noted conservative, Alan Keyes.

Louisiana Defection

A Congressman switches parties in Louisiana and causes havoc in an election and in the House of Representatives.

Texas Sex Education

Texas rewrites its health textbooks.

Nader's Quest

We look at Ralph Nader's quest to get on ballots this November.

Robin Hood

Trouble in Sherwood Forest.


We speak to Bronwyn Hughes, director of the film, Stander, set in South Africa in the 70's.

This program aired on August 9, 2004.

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