Show rundown for 8/23/2004

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Reforming Intelligence

A Republican senator pushes a plan to radically reorganize intelligence gathering.

War Records as Campaign Fodder

The battle over Senator Kerry's war record continues in TV ads and on the campaign trail.

Journalist Freed

Micah Green is freed in Iraq.

Abu Ghraib Report

A report on abuse at the U.S.-run facility outside of Baghdad is due out this week.

Third Party Politics

We look at the Libertarian Party and its attempt to get its voice heard this election year.

Olympic Update

The lastest from Athens...

Palliative Care for Children

Reporter Rachel Gotbaum explores end of life care for children with the Initiative for Pediatric Palliative Care. (IPPC direct phone line: 617-618-2822)

This program aired on August 23, 2004.


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