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Poll Numbers

New polls are out about the presidential election. We speak with John Harwood, political editor of the Wall Street Journal.

Republicans Gear Up for Convention

We speak to the representatives from the Republican Main Street Partnership and the Club for Growth about next week's convention.

Russian Officials Continue Investigation

Fred Weir, of the Christian Science Monitor, reports on the investigation into this week's plane crashes.

Palestinians and Peaceful Resistance

Arun Gandhi, grandson of the Mohandas Gandhi, is in the West Bank speaking to Palestinians about nonviolent resistance.

Convention Preparations Underway in NYC

Monica Brady Myerov reports from NYC on preparations for next week's convention.

Letters 8/27/04

Listeners Respond to our coverage.


We review Zhang Yimou's new film "Hero" and speak to one of the movie's stars, Donnie Yen.

This program aired on August 27, 2004.

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