Show rundown for 9/6/2004

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Poll Shows Bush Lead

Newsweek reports that President George W. Bush now holds an 11-point lead over Democratic challenger Senator John Kerry.

State Pension Plans

Comments on an administration proposal to privatize social security benefits.

US Airways Pensions

A lead inspector for US Airways in Pittsburgh talks about his pension after 38 years of service.

World Trade Center Documentary

A Frontline documentary, 'Sacred Ground,' shows how politics, ego and the almighty dollar play a role in what will eventually be built on the site of the former twin towers.

Osama, by Jonathan Randal

Washington Post reporter Jonathan Randal spent ten years trying to meet Osama bin Laden. He failed, but he scoured the world bin Laden grew up in, and the wars that made him. His new book is called Osama.

Oreo Cookie

Kristina Broadie is sixteen years old, and the author of a recent commentary in the Atlanta Journal Constitution called "I care about school - does that make me an oreo?" Broadie explains why she finds the term "oreo" offensive.

Beslan Funerals

The latest news from Beslan, in Russia, where funerals for many of the children and adults killed in the attack on a school there, are being held today.

Cyber Sleuths Confront Terrorism

A Montana judge spends her spare time trolling the Internet for Islamic extremists and potential terrorists. And recently Judge Shannen Rosmiller led the FBI to Ryan Anderson a tank crewman who was later found guilty on five counts of trying to assist al Qaeda. Rosmiller is part of a little known group called "Seven Seas Gobal Itelligence". The head of Seven Seas Gobal Itelligence is an unemployed Canadian computer programmer named Brent Astley. Click "Listen" to hear Astley explain his group's activities.

This program aired on September 6, 2004.


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