Show rundown for 9/9/2004

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Jakarta Bombing Kills Eight

Eight people are dead and many more injured after a car bombing at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. The bombing comes one month before elections in Australia.

NGOs Leave Iraq

A wave of kidnappings of foreigners in Iraq has led many NGOs in the country to leave.

Openness in Science Research

Top medical editors call for openness in research and refuse to publish clinical studies not in a public registry.

Russian Politics after School Attack

The Kremlin is still trying to find its political footing after last week's schoolyard hostage-taking in Russia.

Sen. Bob Graham on Iraq

Senate Intelligence Committee Co-Chair Bob Graham details his outrage over how and why we went to war in Iraq.

Letters 9/9/04

We open up our mail bag and air some of your thoughts.

Old School Film Strips

We speak to a collector of film strips students of the fifties and sixties may remember from history class.

NFL Returns to Primetime

The NFL returns national TV for the first time after January's Super Bowl costume debacle starring Janet Jackson.

This program aired on September 9, 2004.

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