Show rundown for 10/5/2004

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Preparing for the Vice Presidential Debate

All eyes turn to what's being called "The Race at Case"-- the first and only vice presidential debate tonight at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Flu Worries

After last years deadly round of flu outbreaks in this country, we get up to date on flu in general, and avian flu in particular.

Swing States

We look at battleground states.

Back to Iran

This week, we're visiting Iran with Vermont Public Radio journalist Steve Zind, as he explores the country of his grandfather's birth. Today he wanders through the streets of the capital city, Tehran.

Women's Issues and Election 2004

We speak with Debran Rowland, author of the book "The Boundaries of Her Body: The Troubling History of Women's Rights in America."

This program aired on October 5, 2004.


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