Show rundown for 11/3/2004

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Kerry Concedes Race

A check in with analysts on John Kerry giving up hope that a count of provisional ballots would swing the state of Ohio.

Examining the Electorate

We talk broadly about what the results tell us about the electorate with the Wall Street Journal's John Harwood, and Time Magazine's Joe Klein.

As Race Ends, View from the Campaign Headquarters

We check in with reporters, Athena Desai at Kerry HQ, and Monica Brady-Meyerov in Washington, DC.

What Exit Polls Say

Early exit polling had Kerry looking strong...we review the polls, and ask if the information they give us is valuable at all in a close election.

Ohio Diner Reaction

We visit our Columbus, Ohio Diner, to get reaction to the election.

Country's Cultural Divide Widens

We have a conversation with someone on the left, and someone on the right, about the widening cultural divide, demonstrated by last night's election results.

This program aired on November 3, 2004.


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