Show rundown for 11/10/2004

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Fallujah Forces Meet Resistance, Tighten Control of City

One report says that many of the mosques in the city have been damaged. Meanwhile, members of the family of the Prime Minister of Iraq Alawi, have been kidnapped by insurgents.

Palestinian People Look to Future After Arafat

Yasser Arafat is ailing in a Paris hospital, while plans for his succession are being made. We talk with Khalil Shikaki, Palestinian pollster about the mood of the Palestinian people.

Canadian Health, American Health

The health minister of Canada is in Boston today, we'll talk to him about the differences between the Canadian and American health systems.

Blair and the Bush Re-Election

British PM Tony Blair is arriving in Washington DC today, for a meeting with President George Bush, his first since Bush's re-election. We talk with Here & Now analyst Michael Goldfarb about the challenges Blair faces as a result of Bush's re-election.

Who Will Fill Ashcroft's Place?

John Ashcroft has resigned his post. We look back at the legacy of the controversial attorney general, and look ahead to the next person to fill his shoes.

Polar Express

Polar Express opens today at a movie theater near you. Bob Oakes talks with the author of the children's classic tale.

This program aired on November 10, 2004.

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