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President Wants Rice to Replace Powell at State Dept.

We react to the news that Condi Rice is the President's pick to replace Colin Powell at the State Department.

Next Steps to Peace in Between Israel and Palestinians

After the death of Arafat, what's next in the effort to bring peace to the Middle East? We talk with Aaron Miller, President of Seeds of Peace and with Melissa Mahle, a former CIA field officer in the Middle East.

Resignations at the CIA

Bob Oakes talks with James Bamford, investigative journalist and expert on the CIA, about recent resignations at the CIA.

Arctic Warning

We talk with one of the authors of last week's startling report on Arctic warming, Mike MacCracken.

Know-It-All: Author A.J. Jacobs

Author A.J. Jacobs made it his goal to read every word of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He has written a book detailing what he's learned.

This program aired on November 16, 2004.

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