Show rundown for 11/17/2004

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Thousands of Big Dig Leaks

Cost overruns and leaky walls are plaguing Boston's Big Dig roadway reconstruction project. We discuss the latest problems facing the country's biggest public works project.

Dutch Religious Violence Flares

The Netherlands is considered one of the most tolerant places on the planet, and yet an anti-Muslim filmmaker was recently murdered by an Islamist, and schools, churches and mosques have been set on fire.

Church Overnight Vigil

We talk with Monica Brady-Myerov about the latest in church news, and about her night in a vigil church.

Listener Letters

We read listener letters and hear some of their comments.

George Kaufman - Comic Screenwriter

We talk with theater critic Bill Marx about a new book on George Kaufman, comic screenwriter of such memorable hits as "Animal Crackers" and "You Can't Take it With You."

This program aired on November 17, 2004.


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