Show rundown for 11/22/2004

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Intelligence Overhaul Bill Shelved

The intelligence reform bill failed to get enough votes to pass in the House over the weekend, despite calls from the White House. There are complicated politics behind the bill's failure.

LBJ After JFK Killed - Tapes Released

Lyndon Johnson's tapes show the Oval Office in the days and weeks after JFK's assassination.

Bloggers Face Jail In Iran

Over the past several weeks, scores of Iranian web bloggers and computer scientists have been detained in Iran, as that country cracks down on speech by internet.

Basketball Brawl

The fracas over the weekend in Detroit shines a light on the NBA and violence.

One Hemingway on Another

Valerie Hemingway has a new book out about life with the Hemingway family. She was Ernest's daughter-in-law and also his personal secretary.

This program aired on November 22, 2004.


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