Show rundown for 11/24/2004

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Consumers Spending for Holidays

Days before the start of the Holiday shopping season, we're checking in on the state of the economy with Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times.

Soldiers' Thanksgiving Away from Home

We talk with the store manager and some customers of the Baghdad PX, a Wal-Mart sized store for American soldiers serving in Iraq. We also speak with a sociologist about soldiers' spending abroad, and its effects on their finances.

Air Security

We check in on airport security measures on this busiest travel day of the season.

Shopping Overdrive

"Black Friday," as it's known to some is the day when retailers hope to get into the black, financially.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Celery Root and Ginger Soup

Within the next 24 hours, chefs will be whipping , mashing, and pureeing, but there are side dishes beyond the squished butternut and smashed potatoes.

Listener Letters

We hear from listeners on the past week's stories.

Macy's Parade

A look at the famous parade in New York City that has become a Thanksgiving tradition on the tube. We talk with the author of a book about the parade.

This program aired on November 24, 2004.


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