Show rundown for 12/9/2004

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Down in the Dollar

The White House made an unusual announcement yesterday, committing to keep Secretary of the Treasury John Snow in his post for a time. We look at that news and talk with someone from the Economist Magazine about the tumbling value of the dollar.

Wal-Mart, Retailers and China

At the end of this year, a U.S. import quota on clothing is set to expire, opening the U.S. market to a flood of cheap clothing from overseas, chiefly China.

109th Congress Outlook

The 108th Congress has adjourned for good. Gail Chaddock of the Christian Science Monitor reviews the legacy of this Congress and previews the incoming 109th.

Ireland Talks Stalled

Talks over disarming the IRA in Northern Ireland have stalled. Michael Goldfarb has our story.

Wounded Soldiers, Treatment on the Frontlines

The New England Journal of Medicine has stunning pictures of wounded soldiers from the war in Iraq, and a report about the treatment of those soldiers.

Ohio Nightclub Shooting

A shooting in an Ohio nightclub last night resulted in the deaths of at least five people. We'll check in on the latest.

This program aired on December 9, 2004.


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