Show rundown for 12/17/2004

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Calls for Rumsfeld's Resignation

The secretary of defense is under fire from many within his close circle about his policy in Iraq. From Trent Lott to Bill Kristol, hear about the growing chorus of voices calling for Rumsfeld to resign.

Those Incredible Shrinking Greenbacks

The decline in the American dollar is an opportunity for shoppers from overseas to buy more with less. We speak with Mike Mandal, chief economist with Business Week.

Hospitals Taking Uninsured to Court

A story in this Sunday's New York Times magazine looks the ever-increasing practice of hospitals taking poor patients to court in an attempt to collect fees for service.

Ah Nuts!

There will be fewer chestnuts roasting by an open fire this holiday season. That is in part due to the precipitous decline in trees that spawn the chewy nut.

Gift Tips for the Theatrically Minded

For the theater lover, some gift suggestions from critic Bill Marx.

This program aired on December 17, 2004.


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